HongKong Piezo Company Limited is a technology-oriented and application-driven functional electronic material provider, engaged in the research and development of piezoelectric ceramics, with the vision to become the leading provider of transduction engineering and signal processing technology.

      Piezoelectric ceramics is a novel functional electronic material with smart intelligence, which finds broad applications in commercial and civic use. With continuous research and improvement of the material and technology, there is an extensive use of piezoelectric ceramics in many of our industries. Piezoelectric ceramics has become a key element in the electronic and information processing industries.

  1.providing suitable and quality products tailored to the needs of our clients.
2.actively developing cutting-edge products with novel function.
3.maintaining the uniformity of the quality and high reliability of the products for customer satisfaction.
4.providing efficient technical consultation and support services to familiarize customers with the applications of the products.
5.providing superior after-sale services for customer satisfaction.

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