Piezoceramic Buzzers

    In order to increase sound pressure and obtain beautiful sound, the piezo element is usually enclosed into a resonance chamber to form a piezoelectric ceramic buzzer. The piezoelectric ceramic buzzer is widely used in articles for daily use, office/home automation apparatus, instruments and meters for detection, communications, and alarming devices, including toys, clocks and watches, telephones, fax machines, microwave ovens, multimeters, mobile phones, foggers, theft-proof locks, and etc.

1. Node support

  2.End support


      fo: Resonant Frequency
      t: Thickness
      r: Radius of metal plate
      E: Yong's modulus
      P: Density
      G: Poisson's ratio

 Characteristics: high sound pressure, excellent sound quality, free of spark, low power, long lifetime.


Piezo Buzzer (External Drive Type)



Piezo Indicator (Built-in Circuit)


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